We let you deploy your whole applicationa stack on a click – then when the whole CI/CD pipeline is followed, your own code checks are passed and your whole application gets deployed on Kubernetes pods automatically.
J&R Invest Group enable your organization to develop for the cloud right from the beginning and increase development effectiveness by removing infrastructure waiting times. We act as an intermediary between your infrastructure and your development team and we are fully aligned with DDD patterns.
High accessibility
Keep your infrastructure spending on minimum, have options in OPEXes, total insight into runcosts and avoid long-term vendor lock-in with JR Invest Group.
Do not create your own delivery platform just so you can abandon it, become a JR Invest Group guru adn share the cloud-native best practices across your organization with ease.
With us you can manage your remote teams effecively. You can also completely focus on business logic and omit any technological issues. JR Invest Group provides full self-service in DevOps cycle.
Prototype first. Deliver fast. Have functional enterprise grade Continuous Delivery and Integration from start. You can even do DevOps yourself, so do not wait and start building your projects now.