Information Technology & Services

J&R Invest Group

Cloud solutions

We develop with the most modern cloud solutions. Spring cloud is one of our main focuses.

High performance

Achieving high availability, performance, scalability and reliability are key Infrastructure Adaptability Requirements for our company.


We value your privacy so we are always discreet with your information.


We have connections with the leading companies in financial and telecommunication sector.


We are ready to take on any challenge our customers will give us and we always succeed in satisfying their needs.


We always talk through every project and discuss every aspect of the product with our client.

Software outsourcing

J&R specializes in nearshore outsourcing which means that we hire highly skilled experts from nearby countries. This system is very efficient and much cheaper.

Our experts are capable of creating whole projects following your demands.
Cost efficiency
J&R is full of people that were hired through a difficult process ensuring that you’re given the highest quality candidates to choose from.
Know how
On our way we collected immeasurable amounts of experience that we are now willing to apply while working at your projects.

Our History

Cloud development company

We have spend many years working on the top frontend and backend for the most demanding clients and we have a goal to create the most efficient solutions for our customers.

1Cloud solutions

On-demand scalable services or applications with high  availability and reliability.


Thanks to monitoring we can react with flexibility and optimize your environment, that increase your efficiency.

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Big data2

Enormous amounts of data is one of the biggest problems in an IT world at the moment, in J&R Invest Group we are able to process, analyze and resolve these problems.


In J&R we are also skilled in fronted, for many years we worked on projects using some of the most modern technologies such as Angular or React.

The work praises the man

We always value hardworking people that are motivated and love the work they are doing.


Company profile

J&R focuses on development of software solutions and software outsourcing since 2018. We develop with the most modern technologies and always satisfy our clients. We work for enormous tech companies in financial and telecommunication sector.

We work with the most modern technologies

We always try to meet your demands. Here are some of the technologies we use: